Beaver Island Transportation Authority (BITA)

The Beaver Island Transportation Authority (BITA) is the owner of the M/V Emerald Isle. The vessel is operated by the Beaver Island Boat Company (BIBCO) and is a “scheduled fixed route ferry service” providing transportation to and from Charlevoix, Michigan to Beaver Island, Michigan. The M/V Beaver Islander is owned by BIBCO and is also used for the scheduled fixed route service.

BITA was formed in 1993 pursuant of Public Act 196 to form a transit system in the greater Beaver Island area. Through federal, state, and local funding the M/V Emerald Isle was designed and launched in 1997. In 1993 BITA and BIBCO signed a thirty year management agreement to operate the ferry service.

The Beaver Island Transportation Authority
is seeking a cleaning/maintenance person for its office.

Hours range from 4 to 10 hours per month.
Must be insured.
Send credentials, references, insurance certificate, and hourly rate by July 1, 2022, to:
Mary Cook
Executive Director
PO Box 426
Beaver Island, MI 49782

Call 448-3049 to confirm receipt.


Ferry Survey and Beaver Island Transportation Plan

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) in conjunction with Michigan State University are conducting a statewide ferry study.   Over the next few months there will be individuals riding the boat and requesting passengers participate in a survey.  Another study was conducted locally updating the Beaver Island Transportation Plan last year and those results can be viewed ⇒Here⇐

Questions can be directed to Mary Cook, Executive Director, Beaver Island Transportation Authority, 231/448/3049.

Emerald Isle - BITA

The BITA Board is comprised of five members appointed by St. James Township. The board meets monthly on the second Tuesday,12 noon, at the BITA building. Financial assistance is received annually through the Michigan Department of Transportation Act 51. BIBCO retains all revenues and pays BITA the local match of fifty percent for operating assistance and ten percent for capital grants.